Like a bolt of lightning (English Edition)


Like a bolt of lightning

I got married at twenty, with my first boyfriend.

A simple, true and sincere love. I hadn’t had any other men before; if the plans went as planned, he would be my only companion for life.

But life often derails from the rails within which we had tried to make it travel; so we are faced with events to which we had not in the least thought that, like earthquakes, they make the certainties to which we were clinging collapse.


Like a bolt of lightning

Paolo and Isabella meet at a party, during a warm summer evening when everything seems magical and enchanted. The two like each other immediately, the feeling is undeniable.

They are young and carefree, they have an age where you are full of expectations for the future, where everything looks rosy and positive.

The two teengaers start dating regularly; this is not a fleeting summer flirt, as many might think, but it was true love.

So much so that they decide to move in together in a small apartment which, despite being a bit uncomfortable, becomes their love nest, witness to the strong bond that unites the young couple.

The daily life is so warm and reassuring that Paolo and Isabella, after two years, think the time has come: they get married with a beautiful ceremony, in which the families, reunited, celebrate the pure love of these young people so cheerful and positive

. The inevitable “yes” arrives under the gaze of friends and relatives and is filled with strong and unforgettable emotions.

The arrival of twins Sara and Lisa sealed the dream of love after a short time. It seems like a perfect picture, an idyll destined to last forever, one of those stories of the past, which begin with the elusive “Once upon a time” and which should end with “And they lived happily ever after”.

Until Isabella receives a phone call: Paolo is in hospital due to an illness.

This short novel tells, with a narrative simplicity that points to the reader’s heart, a story that is life.

It tells something tangible and not “fictional” at all, addressing a difficult issue: that of illness and mourning.

Because, whether we like it or not, life is capable of taking us to the highest peaks of joy, as well as plunging us into abysses of pain and devastation.

Like the whole story, even the episode of the disease is told with extreme grace, which nevertheless never lacks the pathos and the inevitable involvement that the reader will feel on his skin, after having entered the heart and thoughts of sweet Isabella.

This is the story of a sullen sorrow, but also of a rebirth. Isabella will guide us, in fact, with disarming naturalness, towards a path of acceptance; the woman will be able to mourn and transform anger and regret into pure love, also thanks to the help of a talented psychologist.

But as the title suggests, with the speed of lightning, Isabella’s life will have a new – pleasant – twist.

A beautiful young man with hazel eyes and an athletic physique will disruptively enter the days of the sweet protagonist, giving her new smiles and new sighs.

Because, as Oscar Wilde also said, to live, but to really live, is not an easy undertaking, in fact most people are satisfied with existing.

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